Adding a custom base to your mount can be the perfect accent!

  Modest to highly detailed!

Most of our bases are custom made right in the studio.

Canvasback standing mount
Custom Taxidermy Duck Mount base

14 x 8 inches

Walnut base

Rock with ice and snow


Mid sized base

Great for many 

different species!

Birdman Base

21 X 10 inches

Walnut Base

Multiple rocks snow and ice


Canvasback Pair taxidermy ducks mounts

Larger custom base perfect for two birds!

Birdman Base

14 X 8 inches 

Walnut base

Driftwood cattail leaves


Cinnamon Teal duck mount

Mid sized base perfect for most waterfowl!

Common Eider Mounts
custom rock Base

30 X 16 inches 

Custom Rock Base- Wall Mount

Wet look-Snow and sea habitat


Great for two Sea Ducks!

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