Here are a few common mistakes hunters make that can greatly affect the quality of there bird mounts.
Never place your bird in a pantyhose. This will freezer burn the bird quickly if no plastic bags are used. What needs to be protected is the birds moisture.
Never place a warm bird behind your back in any field game jacket or bag. This will only promote the bird to spoil.
Never hold a bird by it's neck. Always carry the bird by it's feet. Holding the bird by it's neck can cause feather loss.
Learning how to properly take care of your birds after the hunt is easy if you follow a few basic rules.
#1. After collecting the bird, the body heat needs to cool off, so place your bird in cool, shady place for an hour.
#2. After the bird has cooled down, bend the head and neck over the body and place in 3 sealed plastic bags.
#3. Place bird in a safe part of your freezer where no one can disturb it, or lay something on top of your bird that may cause damage.