The old saying "You get what you pay for" is still true today. My prices are very reflective on what my clients receive.The finest in bird taxidermy, great service and always their money's worth.

Terms: I do not require a deposit when birds are shipped to me. There is no need to secure payment info until your bird is scheduled next to be mounted. When contacted, a small deposit is made. When it is ready, I will photograph the piece and send you a copy by email. At that time, the remaning payment is made and the bird will be shipped.

I accept Credit Cards, money orders and personal checks.
Eiders & Scoters
Geese (canada)
Geese (snows, blues, specks)
Geese (ross, cacklers, brants)
Sage Grouse
Grouse (ruffed, sharptail)
Turkey's and Sandhill Cranes
These prices include all poses- Standing, Flying, Landing etc.
Bases are not included in the above price. All our bases are custom made at the studio. Please ask for a base quote. Driftwood bases are just $30.00
I can duplicate any pose/base you desire. I often work from your provided photos. If you have something in mind or need a base price quote, just ask.
Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions

Pricing 2019-2020 Effective Jan 1st 2020

Price increase is for all birds received AFTER Jan 1st 2020

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